TheArtique - An Art That's Unique!

Attention Art Aficionados! Your one stop shop for all kinds of unique art pieces is here. TheArtique boasts of a widespread collection of items including different forms of paintings, beautiful photography, handicrafts, sculptures, various kinds of home decors, and jewelry. It has a unique twist on things when it comes to selling and buying of beautiful and suave creations. A paradise for artists – big & small alike, TheArtique makes sure budding artists get the platform they need to grow.

A painter with talent but no resources, or a fading art form that needs revival, TheArtique is the place to be. Our main goal is to make sure that the artists are provided with whatever it takes to get their work out there for people to know and appreciate. Empowering artists is our main goal across the globe, not just in the country.

One look at these products assures zero disappointment. With a fusion of Indian heritage and modern art, these pieces are no less than works of established artists.

So the next time you make a buy, make sure it helps the person who made it possible! Promote art and create easy access for all!

  • To Establish an understanding and recognition of the role of art in people's lives, how it reflects the complex yet creative changes in the world.
  • To Contribute to the Indian Art culture and other contemporary cultures, to help them flourish by telling you from where a particular form of art is and what it depicts.
  • To Provide A Platform for the young, budding and opportunity deprived artists all around the country and beyond who still haven't gotten a chance to showcase their beautiful talent. To bring out the best of art from the remotest corners of the country.
  • To Develop the most beautiful parts of art culture that are still to be discovered.
  • To Decorate Your Homes in the most beautiful way possible by the most wonderful pieces of art.

The vision of TheArtique is to transform the world through creativity and purpose that only art can provide. Art gives meaning to life and we want to bring all sorts and forms of art to the people all around the globe through an easy online access. Our goal is to be able to make the rarest and most beautiful forms of art available to you. And of course, a beautiful piece of art would always add the kind of elegance to your home that it deserves. Plus it will make you feel connected to something inspiring and alluring.

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